Bespoke living
by Glenoak Homes

Our three founders came together with a common goal - to do things right. At Glenoak Homes we deliver bespoke, high quality homes to clients who want to create something special.


We begin with your story, draw
from our experience, and create
your home to fit.



Upon initial introduction, our primary goal is to gather your ideas and expectations, your “wishlist”. The first step is to conduct a preliminary meeting, where we review your property and gain a good understanding of what you want to achieve, in terms of design, finishes and expectation. This is the time to provide any photos, sketches, etc, so can ensure that your Vision can become reality.

Once we are all clear of each others expectation and what the Vision looks like, we enter into a Preliminary agreement to begin the work to make it all become reality.



Upon entering a Preliminary agreement, we start working on a Concept Design. This is an important step in the entire process and we begin to see the shape and size of the Vision. This involves a lot of consultation between you and our in-house design team.

Once the finalised Concept Design is complete, approval is provided by all parties in signing off the Concept Design.

These finalised Concept Design is now ready to be transformed in Construction Documentation, which include all the relevant documents for construction (Architectural, Engineering, etc)



In finalising the Construction Documentation, we move to one of the critical stage of the Vision, developing and signing Contracts and Specifications.

This is a critical stage in the process, as we clearly document what is included in the Construction of the house, outlining all finishes, colours and interior works. You will work closely with our colour consultants to ensure we capture the style and finishes, that will make your Vision into reality

Finalising the Project Specification allows us to finalise all costings involved and proceed to creating the Contract for signing.

We are now ready to sign all Documentation and start works onsite



With all Construction Documentation finalised and signed, we meticulously plan for the construction of your Vision. Each site is different and each house design is different, therefore we spend a lot of time prior to commencement to plan out your project.

With a dedicated Supervisor, working with our dedicated suppliers and expert Sub-Contractors, we ensure that all that hard-work in Design & Documentation is transformed into your dream home. We provide ourselves on maintaining a high level of communication throughout Construction, to ensure you are up-to-date with progress and we ensure all your queries are answered in a timely fashion.

The Vision is now complete, and it’s time to enjoy the benefits of all your hard work to achieve this.